Bjorn L BjorholmBonsai Artist
Bjorn L Bjorholm is a bonsai artist and instructor who spent six years as an apprentice under Master Keiichi Fujikawa at Kouka-en bonsai nursery in Osaka, Japan, before receiving certification as a bonsai professional by the Nippon Bonsai Association. His tenure as an apprentice at Kouka-en was followed by three years as artist-in-residence at the same location, making him the first and only foreign-born working bonsai professional in Japan. During his time in Japan, Bjorn’s works were featured in the Kokufu-ten, Sakufu-ten, and Taikan-ten exhibitions, among many others.
Koji HiramatsuBonsai Artist
Kuniaki Hiramatsu, the third owner of the Hiramatsu Shunshoen, has honed his bonsai skills since his youth as future successor-owner of the famous bonsai garden. He frequently puts his works on display at national exhibitions. As a veteran bonsai artist with a career spanning 50 years, Kuniaki has long supported bonsai culture in Takamatsu’s Kokubunji area, one of the city’s bonsai production centers, together with his younger brother Kiyoshi.
The fourth owner is Koji Hiramatsu, who is the eldest son of Kuniaki. Koji Hiramatsu grew up under his father, who has become a bonsai master. Koji is now regarded as a promising bonsai artist who will carry the future of the bonsai industry.
Koji Hiramatsu produces a wide range of products from dynamic and large-sized bonsai to palm-sized shohin small bonsai pieces. He puts his focus on shohin bonsai said to have been originated by Yorinaga Matsudaira, the 12th head of the Matsudaira family.
Kunio Kobayashi Bonsai Artist
“Through Bonsai I have been taught many things, they display the beauty of nature in all four seasons and the majesty, grace and power of trees surviving in the harshest of conditions; something which helps me in my life. I have been doing Bonsai for 30 years and love it so much that I have created a museum to display Bonsai. It is my wish to spread the beauty of Bonsai worldwide, to do so I try hard to teach the art to my apprentices from Japan and from the rest of the world.”

Japan Professional Artist Exhibition

  • Prime Ministers Award – 1989, 92, 99, 2001
  • Ministry of Education Award – 1994, 96
  • Ministry of Agriculture Award-1995
  • Ministry of Environment-2000
  • Mainichi Newspaper Award – 1997
  • Japan Full Bloom Award (Satsuki) – 1985, 90
  • Japan Bonsai Association Award-1998
  • Shohin-2003
Mauro StembergerBonsai Artist
Mauro Stemberger was born 1978 in Feltre , Italy, and works as Architect and Bonsai artist. At the age of 14 was fascinated about Bonsai Art and started his passion with the local Bonsai club Feltre. During period from 1994-2001 he had the chance to join workshops with important European bonsai masters like , Hotsumi Terakawa, Marc Noelander, Horst Crekler, Edoardo Rossi and many more. In 2002, during a meeting in Arco he had the chance to meet Alfiero Suardi and Enrico Savini thanks to them he could improve his technique and in the main time studied architecture at IUAV university in Venice.
Marc NoelandersBonsai Artist
Marc Noelanders born in Belgium and continues to live there. Arguably, the leading Non- Japanese bonsai artist in the world today. He spends much of his time travelling the world Demonstrating and teaching bonsai.
In 1970’s Marc Studied Bonsai in Japan under Master Kimura and has also been mentored by other Japanese masters as well, including John Naka and Saburo Kato.
John Naka recognized Marc as having a unique and identifiable style with natural artistic ability and technical knowledge.
Marc is also responsible for The Noelanders Trophy, which takes place early each year. The trophy is perhaps the best and most well known trophy of Europe.
His sketching skills are on par with his Bonsai skills. The final result perfectly matches the sketch he creates.
He also runs 10 schools across the world; across the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, United Kingdom to name a few.
Currently he serves as the President of Europe Bonsai Association, Director of WBFF for Europe region.
Mike SiowBonsai Artist
“I started my bonsai hobby when I was studying in National Taiwan University in 1981.

  • Founder President of Malaysia Penjing Arts Creation Society.
  • President of Malaysia Penjing Arts Creation Society 1996 – 1998, 2015 – 2017 and 2017 – 2019.
  • Member of the Malaysia Bonsai Judge Organization.
  • Judging in Hwa Fung National Bonsai Competition and Exhibition, Taiwan.2014, 2015, 2016.
  • Demonstrator of the 8th World Bonsai Convention, Saitama, Japan.

My bonsai masters are Taiwanese. Master Chen Jian Liang, Master Li Zhong Hong, Master Cheng Chen Kong n Master Xu Song Zhan.

Morten AlbekBonsai Artist
With more than 25 years of bonsai growing and devoted to the art of the small shohin-bonsai he has developed a valuable experience with the many aspects of this special branch of the bonsai art.
The bonsai work of Morten Albek have been published in many books, and also in step-by-step articles at the Bonsai Focus magazine and other publications in Europe, Japan and China e.g. He has the popular website since 2003, that have many followers of the art of Shohin bonsai.
In 2008 he released the book “Shohin-Bonsai, Majesty in Miniature” which was the first book devoted to Shohin-bonsai outside Japan. He has studied the art in Japan and produced television features about the art, and is Bonsai Ambassador of the Shanghai Botanical Gardens bonsai collection.
Nacho MarinBonsai Artist
Having completed studies in Civil Work Design, and raided widely in the world of visual arts through painting, sculpture and photography, Nacho Marin decides to transit through the millennial art of bonsai due to the intense magnetism that attracts him to it. To be able to intervene these trees and recreate with them images of nature in an artistic way, became an absolute life passion for this recognized artist: Nacho Marin. For him, Bonsai is a virtual space where nature allows us to play at creating it.
Oscar from Bonsai EmpireBonsai Artist
Oscar started the Bonsai Empire website over 16 years ago with his dream to connect people and offer quality information. At this moment the site is available in 12 languages and serves as a platform for experts around the world to teach and educate Bonsai fans.
Bonsai Empire began as the dream of a young kid (Oscar), who at age fifteen created a simple website about his hobby. This was back in December 2000. Since that time, the website grew to become the online Bonsai platform and community, supported by a group of people that share one vision; connecting through Bonsai.
With the recent increase of interest in Bonsai, and the spread of this hobby across the globe, the vision slowly became reality in the form of of millions of visitors a year, with a vibrant and active community as a result.
Peter WarrenBonsai Artist
Peter Warren, 38 from the UK, a Yorkshireman now living in London. After graduating from University, Peter Warren travelled to Japan to live for a year and experience a new culture and also the World Cup in 2002. During his time there he discovered Bonsai, fell in love and decided to apprentice under Mr. Kunio Kobayashi at Shunkaen. At the time, Minoru Akiyama was still an apprentice there and has been a massively influential figure in Peter’s bonsai education. After 5 years of full time apprenticeship during which he learnt about not only bonsai techniques but display, suiseki and antique pots.
Peter began his professional career and has been working extensively across Europe and the US whilst returning back to Japan several times a year to polish up his skills and repay his debt to Mr. Kobayashi. Peter has a wide range of experience but prefers to work with trees that have unique character.
Pedro J. MoralesBonsai Artist
Pedro J. Morales was born in Chicago, Ill. USA on March 16, 1961. His parents, native to Puerto Rico, moved to live there when he was three months old. His family settled in Trujillo Alto, where they have always lived. He belongs to a large family, all lovers of plants and that have dedicated life to agriculture, especially in the ornamental field where Pedro also started as a child. During his studies of computer programming at the University of Puerto Rico, he began to work part-time at Jardin Selecto, where he remains until May 2015.

His trees are recognized as great masterpieces of the tropical world, eight of them were selected in the World Bonsai Contest, and one of them as the second runner up, in 2005. In 2015 he won the first prize on the World Shohin Photo Award in Japan. As the President of the Federación Bonsai de Puerto Rico, -FEBOPRI- Pedro was proud to host the BCI FELAB Convention in Puerto Rico, in July 2007, the World Bonsai Convention 2009 and Internationals Conventions on 2014 & 2015.

Rudy NajoanBonsai Artist
A sculptor by profession, he chanced upon Bonsai a few decades ago. He would make the stone or wood come alive, but once it was completed, he felt there was a vacuum.
Therefore he was attracted to bonsai and ever changing nature of trees. Sometimes the weather takes its toll, but the plants accept change without any complaints.
He made that his mantra for life, to accept everyday as it comes. This he continues till date.
Now he has more than 300 students. He teaches them to become either bonsai trainer or bonsai artist including bonsai appreciation and judging. He is a true teacher and a Oyakata.
Sergio LucianiBonsai Artist
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 20, 1969, graphic design professional, Sergio did not know the bonsai until 1999, when he made his first initial course in Bonsai Studio of M. Gurruchaga, who would become his teacher, partner and friend.
After participation in many international bonsai events, he co-edited the Bonsai Handbook in 2005 in Emecé editors. Exhibitions and trips abroad gave him enough knowledge to win the 1st Prize of the Senior Bonsai Contest during the Bonsai Matsuri the same year, in the Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires, a competition that would also reward him in his two subsequent presentations, both in 2007 and 2008, with an International jury.
Suthin SukosolvisitBonsai Artist
Born in Thailand, Suthin has extensive experience with tropical bonsai. His expertise also includes Japanese maple, Juniper, Azalea and Black pine. He is proficient with many other species. Suthin has involved in Bonsai since 1970. He has won Nation Bonsai Awards in Thailand and The United States.
He teaches his Bonsai techniques through out the New England area and throughout the United States. Suthin shares new information and techniques whenever he teaches. His Bonsai are know for their proportion, refinement and detail. Suthin and his wife operate in Stoughton, Massachusetts
Tony BebbBonsai Artist
Tony’s bonsai journey began at the age of 13 when he attended his first workshop with Tom Yamamoto. In 1984, having just turned 17, he started work at the family Bonsai nursery in Brisbane, and his father started teaching him the ‘Art’ of Bonsai. He worked there for 16 years, learning about, teaching and growing Bonsai. He is a nationally and internationally registered Bonsai tutor and demonstrator, and is well respected for his ability and expression, as well as his individualism and freedom of thought.
Tran ThangBonsai Artist
Tran Thang, born in 19 Aug,1955, started collecting Bonsai materials since 2001. Most favourite in Yamadori materials. Especially Desmodium and Antidesma Acidum Species. One of the best Bonsai Artist in HCM City and South Region.
He is now:

  • Member of Executive Board of Ornamental Plants – Orchid Society of HCM City
  • University of Science HCM city Bonsai Club’s instructor
  • A Judge of Bonsai art.
  • He is own more than 100 Bonsai in his collection
  • Master of Bonsai styling.
  • Winning plenty of Bonsai awards in the country organized by local and International as well.
Tony Tickle Bonsai Artist
Tony has been working with bonsai since 1983, he specialises in native European trees, in particular; Hawthorn, Yew and Pine.
Board of Director for Bonsai Clubs International 2003-2005 and Member of Association of British Bonsai Artists.
Tony is a founding member of ‘Black Scissors’ the global creative brotherhood of bonsai artists. An event planner, in 2015 and 2017 Tony organised Bonsai Europa the BIGGEST bonsai event in the UK. He has a regular column in the widest circulation Bonsai Magazine ‘Bonsai Focus’ and writes for specialist publications worldwide.
Tony’s blog and YouTube channel has over 3 Million visits.
Tony demonstrates at major conferences throughout the UK, Europe and across the world, including: South Africa, China, Brazil, India, South America, Australia and the USA. Nominated for a Noelanders award in 2009.
Marco InvernizziBonsai Artist
He started to do bonsai at the age of 15 in Milan, Italy. After getting his master degree in Design he moved to Japan to become the first non japanese disciple of Masahiko Kimura with whom he studied for 3 years. Since 2001 Marco is a full time bonsai professional bonsai artist who worked in 6 continents and he is currently taking care of some of the best private collections in the west. He invented a new bonsai tool manufactured by Masakuni called Ichiban and a turntable called Green T.