Mrs. Prajakta Kale has been awarded
the Guinness World Record for
“World’s largest display of bonsai trees”

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Mrs. Prajakta Kale’s journey of becoming the renowned international Bonsai artist is an emblem of her dedication. Born in 1962 at Pune, Mrs. Kale since her childhood was fascinated with the art of gardening. While growing up, along with exceling in her formal education, she achieved mastery in gardening.

In 1984, she participated in the first Bonsai Workshop in Pune and since then she has never looked back. Curiosity being one of her great qualities, she decided to explore the style and craft of Bonsai. She also immersed herself in learning about the history and origins of this unique art. Bonsai Art is an ancient India art known as Vaman Vriksha Kala. In ancient times, many monks travelled to other regions and spread this art of creating miniature trees.

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