Largest International Bonsai Convention and Exhibition in India
22nd to 25thFeb 2018

Thank You, It was Awesome!

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Perseverance, patience and well planned efforts of years is surely visible with Bahubal, Laxmi ji and Saraswati Upasana. Congrats to Kale Parivar! Keep it up!
Nikunj & Jyoti Parekh
My Deepest and most sincere thanks for a wonderful week and for the chance to be a small part of such a large and ambitious project that will benefit not only Indian Bonsai but Bonsai across the world.
Peter Warren
What to say… India is beautiful and Bonsai here have a good future. Thank you so so much to make me part of it
Bonsai Namaste 🙂 All the best
Mauro Stenberger, Italy
A very unique venture indeed. I found this amazing. Looking at these plants / small trees in itself gives a marvellous feeling. I could feel the efforts and passion with which these plants have been developed. My heart felt compliments to Mrs. Prajakta for this wonderful work which I Believe is her life time achievement. This concept has tremendous potential to generate fruitful employment for rural women and hence a very noble initiative.Internationally Bonsai is well known and Mrs. Prajakta’s effort will surely bring India to the same level. I wish her best of luck
Kalyan Swarup
I am pleased to visit a very unique “Bonsai Garden” of Mrs Prajakta Kale. In fact developing Bonsai trees/plants itself is a unique skill. This garden is developed by Mrs. Kale with a lot of passion and tremendous hard work. The amount of bonsai trees are developed by her appears to be largest collection in this segment. In spite of it she has not much publicised it. I am sure she would get lots of appreciation and accolades from Bonsai lovers, if her collections are known.
Kishor Kharat
Bonsai Namaste is one of the most dedicated and friendly projects I have been part of for some time. I hope this event will bring bonsai in India forward as it deserves. Thanks for taking me with you on the journey.
Morten Albek, Shohin-Bonsai Europe, Ambassador of Shanghai Botanical Garden for promotion of Bonsai art