Not many of us know that the art of growing Bonsai first originated in China and was later adopted by the Japanese. The word “Bonsai” means “plant in a container”. Growing Bonsai is an overwhelming experience. These tiny dwarf tree varieties look mesmerising and exude a sense of satisfaction.

Who else can tell you better about the art of growing Bonsai better than Guinness World Record Winner – Prajakta Kale? She made an entry into the Guinness world record with the world’s largest display of Bonsai trees.

Prajakta’s Bonsai collection ranges up to 3,333 Bonsai trees, which is way more than Swami Ganapathy Satchidananda’s world record of 2,649 Bonsai trees, registered on December 21, 2016, in Mysuru.

Prajakta Kale was bestowed with the highest award of appreciation in the ceremony graced by Sudhir Mungantiwar, minister of finance and forests department (Maharashtra), Vikas Kharge, secretary, forests and land acquisition, (Maharashtra); Sanjay Ingale, assistant secretary, department of industry, government of Maharashtra; Rushi Nath, adjudicator of Guinness book of world record; Dr KH Sancheti, head of Sancheti hospital and Rudy Najao – the veteran Indonesian Bonsai master.

This initiative by Prajakta Kale is commendable, as it not only promotes eco-consciousness but also, paves the way for employment and educating people about the art of growing Bonsai.

Her patience, positivity, creative approach, and relentless efforts have set a benchmark for each one of us who aspire to bring back Earth’s green cover.