Prajakta Kale is a renowned Indian Bonsai artist based in Pune, India. The largest international Bonsai Convention and Exhibition in India was her brain child. In 2009, she established an organization called Bonsai Namaste who has worked tirelessly over the last decade towards a common goal: putting India on the World Bonsai Map. But how did she embark on this extraordinary path?

Mrs. Kale had an interest in gardening since her childhood. In 1984, she chanced upon a Bonsai workshop and was curious to learn more about this unique style. This is where, unbeknownst to her, she embarked on a fascinating journey that would transform her life. From a gardening enthusiast, today she has evolved into an internationally renowned Bonsai artist!

After being introduced to the art of Bonsai at a workshop in Pune, she started working on cultivating Bonsai trees in her own home. Soon she began seeking out other workshops and enthusiasts from whom she could further her education and learn advanced techniques. Along with a couple of her friends, she travelled to many countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. observing how these countries and people and their relationship with Bonsai art. Here she learnt many styles which she has since worked on such as traditional Japanese, artistic Bujin, Sohin, landscapes, raft style etc.

Her style of Bonsai art was deeply influenced by her travels in these countries. Another important aspect of evolving as an artist was learning from International Bonsai Masters. The primary influence has been of her teacher, Bonsai Master Rudy Najaon of Indonesia. Under these influences, her personal practice has grown by leaps and bounds. As of today, she has over 3000 Bonsai trees in over 150 species from India and Oriental countries such as Ficus varieties, Tamarind, Casurina, Junipers, Phyllanthus, Ulmus etc. Her work of over 32 years, along with her ideas for education about Bonsai can be experienced at India’s Largest International Bonsai Convention spearheaded by her and her organization Bonsai Namaste.

You can witness the magic of her Bonsai trees at this exhibition and also get access to the biggest Bonsai library. Registered members can participate in workshops and sessions by International Masters that she has invited on this incredible platform.

This has been the incredible journey of an artist who has dedicated her life to pursuing her passion and giving back to her country through her talent.